Marketing and branding

Marketing and branding program

Marketing research and recognition of existing opportunities (at both standard and advanced levels)
Develop a marketing plan (at both standard and advanced levels)
Develop brand strategy and design and implement brand elements (at both standard and advanced levels)
Design and implementation of advertising campaigns

One of the most important activities for any type of marketing business is to develop programs to identify customers and provide products and services that meet their needs and for them. Many problems arise from not knowing the customers or producing and offering products that are not needed by the market or customers. Sometimes the right group of customers are not targeted or the way of presenting and introducing the product does not match the type of product and its customers. Correct and principled entry into the market requires scientific and accurate knowledge of customers, which is possible by conducting market research and collecting information from various channels and planning based on it. We at Tali Parseh Computer, using an experienced team and expert consultants in the field of market research, collect detailed information for future business planning and based on this detailed data, we develop a marketing and sales plan and strategy.

The marketing plan accurately determines the strategies related to product and service development and how it is presented, as well as customers and audiences, and specifies how products and services should be presented and through which channels. The marketing plan is developed with the cooperation of expert consultants in this field and key performance indicators are determined for it. We will be with our customers during the implementation of the developed program and we will try to update the programs and achieve the desired results by receiving feedback from the market.

How your audience gets to know you and what makes your name clear to them has a huge impact on how customers interact with the business. The price of your services and your position in the market and the customers’ trust in you all come from the brand that is in the mind of the audience. In today’s business, principled branding has an undeniable role in the success of businesses and surpassing competitors. Tali Parseh Computer will help you create a valuable brand by using consultants and experts in this field.

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چجوری میتونم کمکتون کنم؟