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About Raymandan

Managers of Tali Parseh Computer Group with years of experience in the field of construction industry and implementation of construction projects, information technology, digital business, marketing, management, art, finance and economics, have come together to put together these capabilities and Experiences, while providing services to the company’s customers, create a significant and desirable change in the country’s construction industry.

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    Our consultants

    Dr. Maryam Najafi

    Position: Business Development and Innovation Consultant


    Global Association of Benevolent Investors (Position: Vice Chairman of the Startup Committee)

    Nikaya Andish Karaya Investors (Position: ‌ Executive Advisor)

    Ansar Bank (Position: Fintech Center Business Development Consultant)

    Karman Home (Position: Marketing and Business Development Consultant)

    Nikaya Karaya Investors (Position: ‌ Executive Director)

    Magfa-Development and creation of plans (Position: Unit Manager)

    Magfa – Development and creation of plans (Position: Head of Unit)

    Magfa-Development and creation of plans (Position: Deputy Head of Unit)

    SAPCO-Systems and Computer Affairs (Position: Head of Organizational Engineering and Operations Processes Department)

    Sapco-Systems and Computer Affairs (Position: System and Process Design Expert)

    Sapco-Systems and Computer Affairs (Position: Project Control Expert)

    Dr. Maryam Najafi

    Business Development and Innovation Consultant

    Member of the World Association of Well-Thinking Investors CEO Nick...

    Dr. Payam Navi

    Position: CX Management Consultant (Customer Experience)

    education :
    PhD in Business Management – Marketing Orientation
    M.Sc. EMBA

    Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
    Field of activity and specialized fields:
    Top instructor and coach of customer experience management in Iran and one of the first founders of CX in the country

    Consultant and instructor of customer experience management and travel plan design
    Implementer of customer experience management projects
    Consultant and instructor of customer relationship management

    Implementer of customer relationship management projects
    Suggested value design consultant and instructor
    Consultant and executor of customer club projects
    Marketing and sales consultant
    Consultant in designing and implementing customer feedback management mechanisms

    Dr. Payam Navi

    CX Management Consultant (Customer Experience)

    Top instructor and trainer of customer experience management in Iran...

    Dr. Mostafa Sabeti

    Position: Digital Business Development Consultant

    Co-founder, member of the board and CEO of Raymandan Tali Parseh Company in June 2016 so far
    Advisory Board member of Neuron System August 1397 so far
    Director of Financial Technologies Development Center of Ansar Bank, November 2017 to February 2017
    Member of Ansar Bank Digital Transformation Team from June 2016 to February 2017
    Member of the Board of Directors of Polito Startup April 1397 to April 1399
    Consultant in the field of innovation and technology ‌Information ‌Bank Marketing بانکAnsar من February به 2016 to November 2017
    Business Analyst in Business Intelligence Project of Ansar Bank August 2016 – March 2017
    Support Manager and Service Desk of Ansar Bank Information Technology ((July 2013 – August 2016)
    Information Processing Manager of Ansar Bank Information Technology لا May 2010 – August 2016
    ITIL consulting for various organizations in 2014 so far
    Instructor of training courses for various organizations in 2006 so far
    Information Technology Expert, Tehran Branch Management, Ansar Bank, December 2001 – October 2005
    Manager of Information and Communication Technology Department of Alborz Branch Management of Ansar Bank October 2005 – May 2010

    Dr. Mostafa Sabeti

    Digital Business Development Consultant

    CEO Tali Parseh Digital Transformation Consultant and Instructor

    Engineer Hatef Taloui

    Position: Digital Marketing Consultant

    Hatef Taloui has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, but his interest and expertise is mostly in the field of digital marketing and related topics in business. The following is a summary of the digital marketing consultant’s background:

    Diploma in Mathematics from Peace High School _ 2002 to 2006
    Mechanical Engineering from the University of Science and Technology _ 2014

    Talui has continued his expertise in the field of digital marketing, including Google Ads, social media and advertising campaigns, and has worked with many companies in this field. He has worked as a digital marketing consultant in more than a dozen advertising campaigns and the ADWORDS campaign. The following is a summary of his activities:

    Google Ads lecturer at Dehban Digital Marketing Academy _ 2018 so far
    Head of Social Media at DMC Digital Advertising Agency
    Rahsana System Marketing Manager _ 2017
    Market researcher in Dana Sanjesh Ab-o-Bargh Company (Danab)
    Marketing and Sales Manager Arian Achaemenid Tower
    Reverse engineering in Danesh Pouyan Sanat Company
    UX Designer

    Engineer Hatef Taloui

    Digital Marketing Consultant

    Google AdWords course instructor

    Dr. Mitra Masoumi

    Position: Architectural Innovation Consultant

    Executive history:

    Executive Director of Abadani Dej Company
    Innovative space designer in Tehran


    PhD in Urban Planning
    Master of Urban Design
    Bachelor of Architecture

    Dr. Mitra Masoumi

    Architectural Innovation Consultant

    Executive Director of Abadani Dej Company

    Dr. Homayoun Nasimi

    Position: marketing consultant

    Educational background

    PhD in Management (Strategic Marketing), University of Nice (France) (December 2011)

    Master of Management, University of Nice (France)

    Managerial and executive records
    Managing Director of Iran Petronas Company
    Vice President of Commerce of Energy Holding Amin Kasra
    Selected Investment Group Business Development Manager
    Development and Marketing Manager of Tamin Sarmayeh Amin Company
    Deputy Minister of International Development and Director of Kish International Oil and Gas Development Company Internationalization Project (IOC Project)
    Expert of the Office of the Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Company
    Expert of National Iranian Gas Export Company (Investment and Partnership Attraction Unit)
    Master of Science, Institute of International Energy Studies (affiliated to the Ministry of Petroleum)
    Expert of the country’s fuel consumption optimization organization
    Expert in the Office of Technologies of the Presidential Institution
    Cooperation with Bain & Company in the project of improving the productivity and improving the systems of the National Iranian Oil Company
    Collaboration with Booz & Allen
    Member of Iranian Energy Economics Association

    Dr. Homayoun Nasimi

    marketing consultant

    Iran Manager of Petronas Company PhD in Management from the...

    Dr. Ali Sadeghin

    Position: Economic Advisor

    PhD in Oil and Gas Economics (Allameh Tabatabai University)
    10 years of teaching experience in higher institutions and centers.
    Cooperation with dozens of prestigious schools and colleges in Tehran, such as:
    Raja Higher Education Institute, Kar Higher Education Institute-Qazvin, Parseh Institute, Negareh Higher Education Institute, Allameh Qazvini Higher Education Institute
    Author of the book Test of Principles of Capital Market, Negah Danesh Publishing
    Author of the book of the Association of Stock Brokers and Securities, Negah Danesh Publications
    Author of the book Capital Market Analysis Test, Negah Danesh Publications
    Awards and honors:
    The best book in the field of productivity of the National Productivity Organization
    Top Student Thesis in Taxation

    Dr. Ali Sadeghin

    Economic Advisor

    PhD in Economics from Allameh Tabatabai University Professor of Management...

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