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Business analysis and development

Business development includes the processes that take place in the field of analysis, preparation and exploitation of growth opportunities, as well as monitoring and monitoring how to take advantage of these opportunities. In other words, business development is the process of creating long-term values ​​for the organization in the three areas of product, market and networking by focusing on growth opportunities. Providing quality consulting services requires high knowledge as well as sufficient experience in implementing plans and ideas. Therefore, the main part of the knowledge body of Raymandan Tali Parseh Company is composed of expert consultants in various fields of business development who will be with our customers in various projects. Most of the consultants are distinguished graduates of prestigious universities who have years of experience in executive and scientific activities in large projects. Providing business consulting and analysis services as well as their implementation, in addition to knowledge, requires thorough research, including searching for scientific resources, reviewing successful domestic and foreign examples, gathering information, as well as documenting and compiling results. On the other hand, many of the consultations provided in the next phase need to be implemented in order to improve the business of the clients.

Marketing and branding

In today’s business, principled marketing and branding play an undeniable role in the success of businesses and outperforming competitors. Market penetration becomes relevant when you are marketing and selling current products in the current market, and its main purpose is to increase market share. The current market may be saturated, or it may face increasing competition, or the current product may be in decline over its life cycle. Marketing by focusing on the right principles, future business planning based on data extracted from market research and market positioning based on the principles of branding the desired services or products can make a significant difference. Knowing customers and providing products and services that meet their needs and for them will leave a good and memorable experience for customers. Tali Parseh Computer will help you create a valuable brand by using consultants and experts in this field. We will be with our customers during the implementation of the developed program and we will try to update the programs and achieve the desired results by receiving feedback from the market.

Software development and technical infrastructure

Software is considered as the basis of many IT projects and most IT projects involve software development and even in some projects, software development is considered as the main activity of the project. Software products can be considered as computer programs that are written on a specific platform, do a specific job and are installed in different environments. Today, due to the increasing development of the construction industry, the use and application of new tools has become common in this industry, so that not only increases accuracy and reduces damage due to human error, but also has a significant impact on reducing construction costs. Because the world of technology is always evolving and this industry will keep pace with technology.

Wherever there is a proposal to move towards digitalization of the business, Tali Parseh players, as the executor or supervisor, will be responsible for its proper implementation. For this issue, in addition to programmers who work directly with our team, various companies in the field of software implementation or implementation of process management systems along with computers provide services. The responsibility for the final implementation of the systems and their output and the results of using the systems is the responsibility of Tali Parseh Computer.

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